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About Us

About EFY Expo Chennai & EFY

The Electronics For You (EFY) Expo Chennai is a premier event in the electronics industry. It’s a event where the latest innovations, technologies, and products in the electronics sector are showcased. The event attracts a wide range of participants, including manufacturers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts.

At the core of the EFY Expo is the exhibition, which features a vast array of electronic components, production and assembly technologies, test and measurement equipment, and the latest in semiconductor technology. Companies from around the world participate, making it a global hotspot for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

One of the highlights of the EFY Expo is the conference segment, where industry experts, thought leaders, and technocrats share insights on current trends, challenges, and future opportunities in the electronics sector. These sessions are highly informative, offering attendees a chance to learn about the latest research, market dynamics, and policy developments.

In addition to exhibitions and conferences, the EFY Expo hosts workshops and seminars. These sessions are designed to provide hands-on experience and skill development in various aspects of electronics, from basic circuit design to advanced robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. They are particularly beneficial for students, hobbyists, and professionals looking to enhance their skills.

Blessed to be in business since Jan of 1969, when we launched our flagship publication: Electronics For You. The opportunity to enable young techies to understand and benefit from electronics excited our founders. Since then, we have launched more magazines, e-zines, websites, social media communities and events–all around tech. But, our goal has not changed!

It remains, “To enable YOU to make informed decisions ralated to technology”.

Thus, despite many more mediums get added through which we communicate with our audiences, we continue to “do the same 2 things”.

The team at EFY has set for themselves the target of empowering and helping 25 million techies across the globe, by, 2025. Hence, we continue to invest heavily on growing our online communities and increasing the number of readers of our digital publications to achieve the 2025 goal.